Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

What a month it has been. Dave stayed home with Kathryn until Jan 5th and now I am home with her. Each day I am amazed at how the time flyies by. We are busy just spending time together, running errands and getting Kathryn to multiple doctors appointments. Most of them are just to check everything out and satisfy the pediatrician. We have had to catch her up on her vaccinations as well. She has been given a clean bill of health in almost all areas. We did find out that she is near-sighted and may need glasses. We go back to the otpthamologist in a few weeks to find out for sure. As long as the glasses are pink or purple, Kathryn is agreeable:-)

We continue to feel the blessing of having Kathryn in our family. She has really made the adjustment without any bumps in the road. She has slept through the night since we came home except for the occassional teething incindents. She has 6 teeth now; 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Her smile is full of teeth now.

We are trying to make the transition easier for her when I go back to work , so she is now going to day care once a week while I go to work. She will start full time in Feb. Even though she cries when Daddy drops her off (not sure I'm ready for that yet), she is always happy when she is picked up.

She started physical therapy a few weeks ago and is doing great. She is being treated for torticollis in PT one day a week. In the pictures you can see how much better she is able to hold her head up straight then she could 2 months ago! She is a quick learner. For the past 3 days she has consistently rolled herself over from stomach to back when she is not ready to go to sleep or when she wakes up. We are very excited for these milestones. . . as long as she doesn't grow up too fast. I can't believe we are already thinking about her first birthday in March!

Here are a few pictures from this past month. . .


keoghclan said...

Hi. Just found your blog. We too are a Kaz family. (a bio daughter who is almost 9 and our Kazmanian devil almost 4) just wanted to post you on tortocolis - our bio daughter had severe tortocolis when she was born. We did physio 3 times a week with her from 4-18 months. She is now perfect. By 1 you could see a huge improvement. It got to the stage that it was only when she was tired or sick her neck would go down to one side (the Dr., had warned this) By 3 the head going to the side had stopped completely!!

Good luck.

Your little girl is lovely.

Angela said...


The PT is doing wonders - you can really tell in the photo of Kathryn in her saucer. That's awesome! And, yes, pink or purple glasses will look lovely.

Hope the daycare transition is going okay. As you said before it will be harder on you than her. She will enjoy the company of the other kids!