Thursday, July 17, 2008

Checking off the "To Do" List

We have been told to be prepared to travel in Sept!! Wow. We have the dry erase board out and filled with a list of "to dos". We started checking things off the list. So many things seem so insignificant in and of themselves, but each one puts us closer to getting out the suitcases and packing.
We loaded Skype on the laptop and the PC last night. Tonight we tried it out. It is pretty cool - don't know why more people don't use it for everyday use. It's easy and it's free!! The sound quality is great. The boys thought it was pretty neat too. I think they were happy to know they were going to be able to talk to us and see us on the webcam. It didn't take Daniel long to figure out that he would be able to see his sister on the computer from across the world.
Visa pictures are done. We just need to fill out the application after we get our LOI - letter of invitation - from Kazakhstan. This is the official invitation to travel for adoption purposes to this great country half way around the world. Once we receive the LOI we can send off for the Visas.
What's next on the list? We will be buying gifts for the caregivers and those in country that will help us get around, the translator and the driver. It is customary to take small gifts as a token of appreciation. We will also be around town looking for donations for the Children's Hospital. Back at the end of winter we bought some winter clothes for donation. However, we would like to get some additional items to take. Hopefully we can check some of this off the list this weekend.
So, as you can see, we are making our way down the list. Lots to go, but getting there. All the "to dos" help to pass the time as we wait for our exact travel dates.

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Dick and Carol Irwin said...

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all the way to the other side of the world!