Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's in Kaz?

Although there is no real news to report, I know friends and family will be reading this and wondering what's in Kaz? I wanted to share a few interesting facts about Kokshetau, Kazakhstan that I have found since finding out our region. Let's see... Kokshetau means "green/blue mountains" - it is really in a valley between two hills. The real mountains are many miles/ kilometers south of the city itself. The settlers from Russia were told to go to find the green/blue mountains and thought they had gone far enough..... It was founded in 1824. The city has a population of about 125,000+. It is the administrative center of this northeastern region of Kaz. There is a beautiful mosque and several museums in the city. This website has some great photos of the city entrance and it's architecture. You will get a real sense of the city
From what we hear, this is a great region to be assigned to. We'll keep you posted on any other exciting facts we know. Hope this helps get you get acquainted with the home of our daughter.

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