Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flights are Booked!

It's official, we have our tickets to Kaz. Today, we also received our Visas with our passports!! We are just about ready to head from the sands of Florida to the blue mountains of Kaz. Well . . . almost. Still have lots to do. We are starting the packing process, waiting for our apostilled documents from the Fl Dept of State and getting the boys ready for our departure three weeks from today:-)
We have been so blessed with our friends and family who have offered their assistance in helping with the boys while we are gone. My Mom and Dad will be living in our house and caring for the boys. From the beginning they said "yes", without a question. Many friends have offered to help in way they can: carpooling, taking to practice, babysitting, house repairs, etc . . . whatever is needed. What a blessing to have such great friends. Thank you all! It definitely takes a village, or at least a church, to raise kids. We would not be able to make this journey without each of you.

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debbi said...

Karie and Dave- and boys
The Walker family is excited about the upcoming addition of a baby girl. We wish we knew more that we could do. We love all of you and will pray for baby girl Ryan and for your safety and God's favor in the coming months of travel and excitement:-)
love, Deb, Den, Maddi and Steven