Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sunshine Through the Storm

Through all the clouds and rain we received word today of our long awaited travel dates!! We are leaving for Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 16th. There, we will meet with our agency partners and go over some paperwork. The following day we will then travel to Kokshetau, via a flight to the Capital, Astana, and a four hour drive north. Not the direct flight we were hoping for but yet another page in our travel log. From what we have read, it will be an eventful ride. Finally, then, we will have the opportunity to meet our daughter.

Fortunately, we have almost all of the paperwork we had to update completed and ready to send for apostille. Still waiting on some travel supplies from Magellan's which was supposed to arrive yesterday but is appearantly delayed. Hats off to Fed Ex and the USPS for coming through with our other stuff yesterday.

We continue to endure historic rainfalls from Tropical Storm Fay (one unoffical account says over 20 inches) at the very least it's over ten inches in the last 24 hours. We have gotten the worst of the storm being in the northeast quadrant initially, it has now stalled over us just turning and dumping rain. Hopefully she will move on over the next few hours and we can begin to dry out.

Still much to do.

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Bob Boyd said...

I think you guys are great, and I'm with you all the way. You make me proud to be a parent!! God Speed........Bob