Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kathryn's First Birthday

Can't believe her first birthday has come and gone. On Wednesday March 11, we had a great family dinner together to celebrate both Kathryn and Michael's birthdays and then took the kids to Cold Stone on the beach for dessert. It was a beautiful night. Kathryn spent the day with Nana so that she would not have to go to day care on her birthday. Thank you, Nana!

Our family celebration was on Saturday the 14th. Everyone came over for a BBQ and swimming. Yes, the kids got in the pool. Kathryn didn't get in because none of the adults did. She is still fighting a small cold but is feeling better.

Michael decorated the cakes for both of them. He drew the pictures and Publix scanned them onto the cakes. He was proud of them and should be! It was so sweet to see him excited about sharing his birthday with his sister! Daniel and Joseph helped with her open gifts and, of course, helped eat birthday cake too! Another first, Kathryn got to see her first shuttle launch.

On Sunday I got in the pool with Kathryn and she loved it! We heated up the hot tub so it wasn't quite so cold. She loved to lay on her back and splash and kick. It will be a fun summer!

Hangin' out at the beach with some Cold Stone!

The Grillmaster. Cooking it up for a birthday dinner.

Michael drew the template for the birthday cakes.

Loving my tasty birthday cake

Michael and Kathryn. Happy birthday you two!

Playing with Nana

Stylin' in my new bathing suit.

Mommy with Daniel and Joseph teaching Kathryn to float.

Kathryn's first Space Shuttle launch. It never gets old.

Sweet dreams, Little Peanut.


Don and Be said...

Karie, it was great to meet you today in Orlando. What a small world that we should share adoption stories. I can see that you have a wonderful family. I love all the photos of the boys with Kathryn. They are quite the big brothers!

Come and visit our blog. My husband is retired so he is the stay at home dad (don't call him Mr. Mom, he's Homedaddy)and he takes lots of photos and writes wonderful stories. We also have an open blog that we started back in 05 when we first decided to adopt. It is

Take care and good luck with your activation. Our team in Orlando is here and ready to help if you need. You all were such a great help to us before we implemented KBC.

Be Schafhauser

Angela said...

Hi Ryan's - I was going through a few blogs today and saw the new post on Ms. Kathryn. She looks so good - all that love from her new brothers is really making her shine!
I hope all is well and I am happy to see you guys doing so well!
Take care,
Angela (& Ben & Griffin)

The Millers said...

So precious! Glad they had a great birthday!