Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ok, so, it's been a while...

Its amazing how time continues to so easily creep away. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Kathryn's first birthday and now here it is the end of June. So what have we been up to? Aside from the daily throws of life and work it's been pretty busy.

Kathryn continues to go to physical therapy (pt) and occupational therapy (ot) every week. It is so wonderful to not only see her progress in therapy but also to see just how hard she works during therapy. Her progress is slow but steady. Verbally, she loves to make sounds and hear them repeated to her. She is scooting around the floor and is close to sitting unassisted. She will fully open her hands now and do "clap clap" whenever asked, or whenever she feels the need to make herself laugh. One thing that has been consistant from the first time we saw her laying in a crib in the childrens hospital is her contagious smile and joy to see and be around people.

April brought spring break visitors of Auntie Linda and Claire. The kids had a great time visiting with their Aunt and cousin. Plenty of days at the beach, pool and just hangin out. We had so much fun and can't wait to see them again.

May was the official end of school, sports, and the unofficial beginning of summer. Memorial day weekend was very special as we celebrated Kathryn's Baptism. She has been a complete blessing to our family and its now difficult to remember what life was like without her. The boys continue to be fully engaged with their sister helping out where they can and ocassionally taking turns holding her.

The boys finished their respective sports the end of May. Daniel's baseball team had the same kids in the spring as they had in the fall so they were able to have some continuity and momentum. They did fantastic! Even though they don't officially keep score in his age group I'm pretty sure they won all their games. Michael's soccer team had participated in a post season competition and finished first place. Joseph finished his first season in T ball and just had fun being there.

We will post pictures as soon as we are able to upload them to the computer. Stay tuned!

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