Saturday, November 22, 2008


Kathryn and Mommy as we landed in Orlando.
Welcome to the United States.

Our first Family photo at the Orlando Airport!

Aunt Debbi, Nana and Maddi with sleeping Kathryn.

Daniel and Joseph enjoying their new sister!

After over 30 hours of travel from door to door, it was great to be home. We were welcomed in Orlando by The 3 Big Brothers (Michael, Daniel and Joseph), Nana, Papa, Aunt Debbi, Uncle Dennis, Maddi and Steven. It was great to get hugs from the boys while Kathryn fell asleep on Nana's shoulder making her a very happy Nana! Thursday was Debbi's 40th Birthday, so we were able to wish her a Happy Birthday too. Our family of 6 now takes up an entire van with only one seat leftover - Wow - so it took 2 vans to get all of us home. It was a talkative ride with the boys wanted to catch us up on everything that has happened and lots of questions about our trip. With all the activity, Kathryn still slept the whole trip home.

It is hard to believe the entire travel journey is done. The real journey is just beginning as we settle back into a routine. The days seem to be going by so much faster now that we are home and have so much to do. The days in Kaz were quiet and slow, while our daily routine here at home passes the time so quickly.

Thursday night we all slept through the night - even Kathryn. It was great to get some sleep after so many hours of small cat naps along the way. Kathryn woke on Friday with a big smile after a great nights sleep in her crib. I really think she is going to like her crib as the mattress is so much more firm that those that she slept in in Kaz. At least we hope so. After a day of running errands and taking Kathryn to her first doctor's appointment, we went to Mama Louise and Grandaddy's so they could meet their newest Great Granddaughter. We had a great time and Kathryn did really well with all the activity. She continues to look for her Mom and Dad when she is over stimulated or startled. It was a lot of activity that she was not used to, but she really adjusted well.

The Big Brothers continue to want to take their turn in holding Kathryn and playing with her. At Mama Louise and Grandaddy's their was a lot of competition as to who was going to hold her - just about everyone got their turn. Papa had some one on one time at the office earlier in the day since he didn't get a chance to hold Kathryn at the airport. Uncle Dennis, Steven and Aunt Cheryl are still awaiting their chance to hold her. In due time . . .

We will continue to update the blog as we begin our time as a family of 6. Thanks to everyone who has followed our journey. Your thoughts and prayers have meant the world to us! The journey has just begun . . . stay tuned!


wpajanet said...

Yeah!! Congratulations!! Welcome Home beautiful Miss Kathryn and Welcome back home to her wonderful parents!!
I'm know the boys are very glad to have you all home.
It's been an honor to work with you over the past year to bring home your beautiful new daughter!
May you all have the most blessed of Thanksgivings and Christmases and all the best life has to offer now and in the years to come.
Your Friend & Coordinator,
Janet Ball

Uncle Bruce said...

Uncle Mike says congradulations to Dave & Karie. Uncle Mike, is proud to have a niece as beautiful as Kathyryn.Uncle Mike says hello to everyone, especially his nephews Mike, Dan & Joe

Susan said...

hi there and welcome home! i saw your blog on Angela's(wife of Scott, mom of Luca and Alia) blog and I was happy to read a new one and sounds like ya'll live close to us!

we live in Largo, Florida and just got home ourselves with our, now 14 month old daughter, Leeza, from Kostanai, Kazakhstan. We were in country August 1-Oct 21st, and have a 10 year old son as well.

He has been such a wonderful helper with Leeza and her novelty has not worn off yet!

welcome home-just in time for the holidays.
Kathryn is just precious!
I'd love to meet you sometime-we do like to to go to Orlando to do the disney and universal thing-but not sure how that will play out with Leeza part of the bunch now! :)