Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It’s Time…We’re Coming Home!

It’s our last full day here not only in Almaty but Kazakhstan as well. Tonight, Vitali will pick us up at 2330 and head to the airport to begin our 31 hour journey home. Today I went to the Lufthansa office and was able to get Kathryn’s ticket for the flight home. The lap tickets aren’t too bad running just under $300 and we were able to get the bulkhead row so we can use the basinet for Kathryn to sleep. That will be more comfortable for all of us.

Last evening we caught up with another American couple here from central Illinois who are with the same agency. We had Vitali pick them up at their apartment and meet us at a Mongolian restaurant for dinner. As usual, Vitali came through for us and got us settled in and translated our dinner order before he left. Tonight they braved the unknown city and walked over to our apartment for dinner. It’s great to be a part of our agency as they really foster an environment for the families to communicate with each other. A good ending to a great experience in Kazakhstan with new friends. Later we will get ready to head to the airport and say goodbye for now to Kathryn’s homeland. We should arrive home at 640p and Kathryn will become a U.S. Citizen as soon as we land!

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