Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Full Day in Kokshetau

Today we will begin packing for our trip to Almaty tomorrow. We do so with sadness and joy in our hearts. The sadness because this is Kathryn's birthplace and we have enjoyed our time here. The life here is simple. We have made new friends here. Even our landlady brought us a gift for Kathryn. It is a beautiful hat. Every Kazakh beauty must wear a hat outside during winter or summer. Of course, there is joy in the fact that we will finally be heading on our way home to the rest of the family and our friends. We have missed you all so much! Talking to the boys every day on Skype is no substitute for the hugs and kisses every night! We are excited to begin our life as a family of 6 after our 16 month journey to Kathryn.

Today we will pack and then go out with Makhabbat one last time. This time she is taking us to the local college to meet some students who are studying English. A few weeks ago Dave mentioned that he'd like to meet some of the students. Little did he know that Makhabbat would actually arrange it. She is amazing. After we go to the college, we will take one last trek to the Green Market. We need to find some shoes/booties for Kathryn's trip. I did not bring any with me and we don't think it will be acceptable to the older Kazakhs to have her in socks. Tonight we are planning dinner of take-out Shish Kabobs from The Rainbow Cafe with Justin and Cathie. You have to order them by 2pm, but you can't pick them up until around 8pm. It makes for a late dinner, but boy are they good!
Saying Goodbye to Luba. Kathryn will miss her and I'm sure Luba will miss Kathryn. All the Russian talk between the two them that we couldn't understand. :-)

Saying Goodbye to Makhabbat was difficult. She truly became a friend to us. She is holding an art piece that her 7 year old daughter, Arajan, just finished. Looks like it was made for Florida.

Cathie and Kathryn. It was great to have Cathie and Justin around for the the past week. We wish them all the best with Landon.

Some random facts about Kaz
Mustard and Ketchup come in squeeze packs not bottles.
It is a tea country not a coffee country (which I have come to enjoy).
There are stray dogs everywhere!
People are out at all hours of the night.
People walk everywhere, even across town.
High heel, stilleto boots are the common fashion statement.
The yogurt is amazing - I could eat it every day, and practically have.
You can't find less than 1.5% milk.
A loaf of bread costs .36 cents (45 tenge) and it's really good.
No matter how hard you try to blend in, you will always look like an American.
Black is the wardrobe color of choice.
Children here go to school 6 days a week.
Children are out and about without adults all the time, and it's ok!
Some cars, not all, have the driver's seat on the right.
They sell Chocolate butter - no I did not try it!
They have awesome cookies and torts - yes I did try them!
It gets really cold!
PaKA Kokshetau! We will miss you!

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Angela said...

I completely see how your departure is bittersweet. We are so happy to have gotten to know you through this extraordinary process. Hope all is going as it shoudl in Almaty and you will be on your way home very soon.

All our best,
Angela, Scott, Luca & Alia