Thursday, October 23, 2008

Court Day

I am sitting here this morning, our day in court, overwhelmed by the feelings of excitement, anxiety and love. I know there are people all over praying for us today. God is so good! Throughout this whole process of preparing for this exact day, we have known that this is God's plan in our lives and for our family. I can not wait for the judge to name us as Kathryn's parents as we know in our hearts that God did that 7 months ago. There is such an incredible feeling in our hearts that Kathryn was our chosen child, just as Michael, Daniel and Joseph were. We were just given the opportunity to bring her into our family through a different journey - an incredible journey. As I spoke with my parents and with Michael this morning, I realized that when the judge names us as Kathryn's parents and legally changes her name to Kathryn Zhadra Ryan, that she has also named our boys as her brothers, our parents as her grandparents and our siblings as her Aunts and Uncles. What a blessing!

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