Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Done!

Having a late afternoon court date is tantamount to having a late afternoon surgery. You can't wake up and go. You sit around all day trying to find things to keep your mind busy and not worry until the time comes. Funny how you worry about the things that you have no control over. For us, fortunately for now, we are using jet lag to our advantage and were able to take an early afternoon nap after our trip to the outdoor market to buy some fruit and vegetables, waking in time to get ready and go.

We got to the courthouse and checked in, then headed to a waiting area. We waited for about 20 minutes or so before everyone showed up and we went in to the judge's chambers for the hearing. The judge was a Kazakh woman in her 40's with a good sense of humor. Although, since we can't understand the language we're not sure if it was at our expense;-). There seemed to be issues with our paperwork as they were searching through our file and then other stacks of papers around the office outside the judge's chambers. Always the paperwork on this trip. We actually had a different judge than our cottage mates, thankfully, as in fact there was more than a few things missing from our file. The judge heard our case (and my so eloquent speech) and we then sat while a discussion took place between the judge and the representative from the Ministry of Education who oversee the adoptive children. We then were asked to wait outside while the judge made her decision. After about 15 minutes or so we went back in and showed the judge pictures of our visitation with Kathryn then were asked to wait outside again. Another 20 minutes and our interpreter comes out and says "It's done!" and we have a favorable decision. She looked very relieved as well. Apparently, they got it worked out. It ALL seems to get worked out, even the things we have no control over.

From the courthouse, we headed straight to the Children's Hospital. We woke her from sleeping and were greeted with a smile. We wrapped her up in a snowsuit and off we went. We are so very happy to have Kathryn with us now as we wait through the next two weeks before we can leave and finally bring her home.


the Walker's said...

Yeah! God Bless Kathryn. We are all so excited that your day is past now and you have Kathryn forever. All of us back home are anxious to love on her. Have a wonderful few weeks of spending time together and hugging and holding her and getting to know her. We hope to skype with you and see her live:-)
love, Aunt Debbi, Uncle Dennis
Maddi and Steven

Jim Bowen said...

We are incredibly relieved! Although we know in our hearts that God is in control of every step, our heads keep reminding us that all kinds of unexpected things can, and do, happen. Get your snuggle time now 'cause when you get home we want our fair share!

We love you all!

Mom and Dad
Jim and Lynn
Nana and Papa

wpajanet said...

"God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me."

I can't help but have that song in my head as I read your post. Kathryn is a very special little girl and your family is a very special family. May your lives together always be incredibly blessed.

Congratulations and know my heart is just bursting with joy for all of you.


Jan McCoy said...

Your hard work and extreme patience have been rewarded!!! Kathryn is a very lucky little girl, and I wish you many years of happiness with your new family. God bless!! Jan

pat perrins said...

Well let's try this again.
How wonderful for the Ryan family. Which is now complete. We are all waiting to hold that bundle of joy Especially Gramda LOuise.
Have a wonderful time with her before starting home. BEst, Pat.

pat perrins said...
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