Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unfinished Business

We have been home only a short while since we received our court date earlier than expected. But who's complaining. We have enjoyed being home with the boys, going to their games, and just being part of their daily activities over the last 10 days. Everyone has been so very supportive of us that there is no other way to describe it but amazing. Family, teachers, coworkers, friends, have all played a part in this and we cannot imagine how difficult this process would have been without them. We haven't been gone two weeks but it seems a lot longer since we last visited with Kathryn. Watching the short videos we took during our previous visits, we love hearing her "talk" and take in all the attention we give her and wonder how she has changed in the time we have been gone. We know she is in good hands with the caregivers at the children's hospital but cannot wait to have her as a permanent part of our family.

Michael and his undefeated soccer team

Daniel behind the plate

So...we have been busy with not only the daily activities of the boys but also gathering additional documents for insurance, visas, pictures of our visits and the like. The New York Consulate received our visa applications on 10/13 and we received them back on 10/14. A hugh relief since we don't have much margin for error. Since we don't have to return to Almaty until after the appeal period is complete we went ahead and booked round trip tickets from Astana and changed our original return date from Almaty to our final trip home. This allows us extra time at home with the boys and also will save us some extra cash since we won't have to pay for another in country flight, and all the extra costs that go along with it.

Joseph enjoying a cool dip in the pool

This weekend we finish packing and spend time with family and friends. And, of course, get prepared for the speech in court which I will give and Karie will also be asked some questions from the judge. There is a new judge that has only heard one adoption case, our former cottage mates and it was a bit tense. Thanks for breaking him in S and A, hopefully things will be smoother the second time around. We leave Monday, arrive Wednesday and have court Thursday and will hopefully be able to take Kathryn with us back to the cottage that evening and begin counting the days off through the appeal period.

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Angela said...

Well, now he has some experience, right? It should go smoothly this time around - everyone will have the required 1 1/2 mounds of paperwork this particular judge wants. And, maybe he will already have the 4 page statement typed out so he won't have to do it from scratch at the end while you wait . . . and wait . . . and . . .

It will be good! Everyone there is very good at their jobs.

Besides, now that Vova is home, Alia needs some company at the cottage :).

Glad you have enjoyed your time with your boys. Looks like you have been busy. Your family will be together before you know it. It all goes remarkably fast.

Safe travels!