Friday, October 24, 2008

Our First Day Together

So, how is it going? Everyone wants to know. Well I would say that our bonding period was successful, based on the fact that Kathryn has adjusted very well to her new surrounding. Not to mention she also seems to have adjusted well to her Mom and Dad. She slept 9 hours last night . . . took her new bottle very well . . . napped today . . . and was all smiles when she woke up in a new place. We even ventured into giving her a bath last night. She was squirmy, but did very well. Kathryn appears to fall asleep anywhere that she feels like it; in our arms, in her little bouncy chair, on the floor or in her crib. This is a great thing. We had a few other couples, who are in Kokshetau starting their bonding period, stop by tonight. At first Kathryn was a little overwhelmed with all the visitors, but when I picked her up, she fell asleep in my arms while we visited.

Probably the highlight of the day was using the video cam with Skype to talk to family. Especially Michael, Daniel and Joseph thought Kathryn was pretty cool and laughed at her many faces and yawns. Meanwhile, Kathryn didn't have a clue what all the technology was! It was great for everyone to see her in motion rather than just still pictures.

She has not grown much since our first visit. However, a tooth has broken through! We continue to see her get stronger each day.

We will probably not post every day, but will keep everyone up on her progress. We will not post full photos of her until our 15 day waiting period is over. So, stay tuned!

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Angela said...

So glad everything is going well! Kathryn sounds like a delight. I am sad that I missed meeting her.

Enjoy your time with her.