Monday, October 6, 2008

We Have Petitioned!

Yesterday was our last official visitation day with Kathryn. This morning all of our paperwork was taken to the courthouse and submitted with our petition to adopt Kathryn and make her our legal daughter! Although this sounds like something exciting - it is for us, but believe me there was no fanfare or parades. We quietly walked into the courthouse, waited for a lady to arrive, went to this small room with a desk, a computer and a few chairs. We sat down - although the chair was flimsy and I thought it was going to collapse under me, I kept my composure. We waited while Inna and this lady exchanged a few words. Then we got up and left....quietly.

We were able to go straight from the courthouse to the Baby Hospital and visit with Kathryn. This was our last visit before we begin our journey home tomorrow morning. Yesterday and today were wonderful visits. She was very playful and gave us lots of her big smiles with her big brown eyes looking up at us. It is truly amazing how she has grown in just over 2 weeks. Today she was really trying to grab for our hands. She was batting at her Daddy's face. Most definitely she is getting her hand to her mouth much better than she was. Tummy time has been a lot of fun. Kathryn is holding her head up better and giving big smiles when she is on her tummy. She was not real talkative today, but did get a few sounds out. As she looked out the window, we explained that when we come back we will show her the whole world outside!

Today was much harder for me then I had anticipated. I really thought I was prepared. But I guess the reality is that you can never really prepare yourself for something like this. In trying to equate how I felt, I can only think of the feeling I had the first time I left my first born (Michael) at home when I went back to work. I spent a lot of time just telling Kathryn how much we love her and to have sweet dreams knowing that we will be back soon. I told her to dream about all the people back home who love her and don't even know her yet. We believe that the day we first met her, that she already knew who we were and I believe that God will put his arms around her and protect her and keep our love in her heart until we return. She is His and we believe she will be placed in our care to be her parents in a few short weeks.


debbi said...

Karie and Dave- thanks for sharing.
This was a hard day I am sure. The way you have explained it is beautiful. She- Kathryn is God's and what a privelege it will be to be her mommy and daddy. God has chosen you two to love and raise her. We all look forward to being a small part of the big plan God has for Kathryn- both as part of your beautiful family and as part of the family of God.
Aunt Debbi

wpajanet said...

It is such a blessing to know that Kathryn will be cradled and loved and told the stories about Jesus. Thank you for sharing the words from your heart in this post. It brings relief to know the required visitation has come to a close, sadness because you have to return home for a couple of weeks, and joy to know that Kathryn has been blessed with an incredible family that she'll grow up being a part of....and you are will be just as blessed by her being your daughter. Safe travel wishes and here's to hoping that Kathryn's back in your arms for good in just a few weeks. :o)