Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunny Day in Kokshetau

We just got back from a beautiful walk around town. It is sunny and in the 60's. Nothing like a little sun to change your perspective on things. We saw a different side of the town than we had seen so far. It was wonderful! Everyone was out and about. Lots of families and children playing. Kids were playing in the dried up fountains in Central Square. Many wedding parties getting their photos in the traditional places, like Central Square and the War Memorial.

Please go back and look at the "Life Around Town" post on October 1. We have updated the slideshow with these wonderful photos from today. Many of the photos were taken from on the local Ferris Wheel. It was a great, relaxing ride. The picture posted here was taken on the walk from outside our cottage - postcard picture. Enjoy the photos.

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Jim Bowen said...

Great Pictures! It's nice to see some beautiful places in Kokshetau. You guys are doing a wonderful job of documenting your journey.