Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day of Discovery (12 & 13)

The past two days we have had wonderful visits with Kathryn. She is feeling much better - the cough is just about gone. Her coloring is better and her eyes are clearer. She was very alert, awake and playful. We were greeted by a soundly sleeping princess and when she awoke, a huge smile of acknowledgement. She is such a joy!

Today was a wonderful day of discovery. While drinking her bottle, she was facinated by the movement of her fingers. She moved them up and down and followed them with her eyes as if she just realized they were hers and that she has complete control over them. She just continues to amaze us each day.

Although we will be leaving here in 3 days, we are hoping that we will return for her in no more than 3 weeks from now. This is exciting to think about! It has been about 8 years since our hearts were first drawn to the idea of adoption and 16 months since we started the entire adoption process. It now comes down to less than a month until we will be standing before a judge pleading our case for why we want Kathryn in our family. We know that the decision for Kathryn to be a part our family was one that we came by through lots of prayer and we believe it is God's will to allow it to come to fruition. In Kaz, however, it is the judge who will make the final legal decision. Once we return to Kaz for our second trip, we will go to court and with a decision in our favor to make Kathryn our daughter, we will take custody of her right away. We will then wait out the 15 day waiting period here in Kokshetau before we go to Almaty for another week to do paperwork and get her official papers. We will then head home to the U.S., making her a legal U.S. citizen. We can't wait!!

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