Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And We Begin.....

Actually, it's not really the beginning, but the culmination of many months of plannning and preparation. Maybe it's the beginning of the end, of this part at least.We are finally off to the airport and patiently waiting for our boarding from Orlando to Frankfurt, then on to Almaty, Kazakhstan. We will arrvie in Almaty near midnight Wednesday. The following morning, or sometime shortly thereafter, is when we will fly to Astana and then our 4 hour drive to Kokshetau. What's a little more time after months of preparing for this. It always seems like the last few hours (minutes) are the longest. Fortunately, the boys are in their usual routine at home busy with homework and practice and being well cared for by their Nana and Papa. Hopefully, this will keep some normalcy to their schedule. We miss them already but know they are in great hands with family and friends.


debbi said...

we are praying for your flight to Almaty today. Love you guys.
we look forward to any pictures of your experience in Almaty and the area.

Jim Bowen said...

The Boys are doing great and were really excited about talking with you in Kazakhstan. We are thrilled you completed the first two legs of your journey on schedule and are anxious to get another update on your arrival in Kokshetau. We love you and wish you a safe journey.

Nana and Papa

geminipto said...

Glad your travels have gone smoothly thus far. Continued prayers as you reach your destination. We hope all the love surrounding you from Melbourne is keeping you and your little girl warm!!!
Love to you both,
The Greenes

debbi said...

Karie and Dave- friends in SS would love to follow the blog.
How can they be invited to see it?
So happy to hear you are there.
Look forward to an update:-)

Anonymous said...

The Ryan's in Chicago are all praying for your safe travels. Look forward to more updates.

debbi said...

hey aunt karie and uncle dave,
it's maddi I really miss you guys and hope to talk to you soon! can't wait to have a little girl cousin!!!!
can't wait to see pics!!!!
your excited niece!!!!!!!