Sunday, September 21, 2008

Capturing our Hearts

Today was a little quieter than the past two day's visits. Kathryn wasn't feeling very well today. She has quite the cough. From what we have read for the past year on many blogs, these colds are very common. It was so hard not be able to just give her some medicine, though we were told she is getting cold medicine. They told us "there are lots of viruses around". Even with the cold, she was not fussy, just tired.

We still got several smiles and managed to stretch her out a little. She was definitely happier being held! This is just fine with us for now! When we got there, once again she was just waking up. She looked right up at us and gave us a big Kathryn Smile! Of course, that grabbed our hearts right away. It occurred to us while Dave was giving her the bottle today, that he was the first man to feed her the bottle! That was special for Daddy. You can already tell she has captivated Daddy' heart and will be Daddy's little girl.

We started taking our MP3 player and the speakers with us and playing some nice soft music. Today was Pachabel Canon with ocean background. She seems to like it and it gives some background music to an otherwise pretty quiet room.
Speaking of technology... wow life is not bad here since we have so much technology. Dave and I sit and watch a few episodes of Seinfeld or Frasier when we can't sleep - like at 4am this morning. We play on the internet, look up local news, and right now I'm also listening to Z88.3 compliments of zradio online. There is local free wifi, but we do not use if for security reasons. We have DSL wireless access in the cottage for a fee. We have settled into a routine after our visits of doing some daily shopping for whatever we need, having lunch, internet time, nap and then get dinner ready, visit with our cottage mates, more internet and reading. It is pretty quiet, but the time passes. Nothing to complain about because the cottage is very comfortable.

We enjoy starting our days by talking to the Boys at home. We miss them so much! They are doing well. We missed talking to Michael this morning as he was at Brian's house. Thanks to all our friends and family that are taking care of and checking in on the boys. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

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obgirlyn said...

Its amazing and wonderful how God truly connects those Daddys with their little girls. I know exactly what you mean =)