Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Official Bonding Day #3

After days of stretching and working out Kathryn's muscles, she is now beginning to kick her legs on her own. She is getting stronger each day. She is starting to reach for things using her gross motor skills and she kick her legs when she is happy.

Today we saw her cry for the first time. She was drinking her bottle, more like gulping, and when we would take it away for her to catch her breath, she started to cry. It is amazing how she drinks her bottle, I don't know that any words can really explain it. She gulps and swallows and you can hear it dumping into her tummy. Of course she swallows tons of air! She would make her brothers proud with the burp that follows :-) Here is a picture of the Kazakh bottle she drinks from. Nothing like the ones we see now-a-days with the features to minimize air flow into the bottle.

The translator of our cottage mates, Makhabbat, told me today what they say about raising their children . . . "from 0-3 yrs old they treat them like kings (take care of them and give them all they need, from 3-7 they treat them like 'slaves' (teach them everything they can) and from 7 on they are your friends". We will provide all that Kathryn needs, teach her all we can and will be her friend when she is old enough!

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Uncle Bruce said...

I remember when Michael was 1 year old, you and Karie had bought your first house. I taught Mike how to climb up on the couch by making steps out of the pillows. A couple weeks with Uncle Bruce & Kathryn will be able to get into to everything. Because thats what Uncles are for.