Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here We Are...

It's officially Day 2 of our bonding period. Initially we thought we were two days ahead of schedule and started our bonding on Sat, but that is not the case and we are right on schedule. We are enjoying the time. Our visits go by so quickly and it is getting harder each day to leave her at the end of the visit. She is starting to kick her legs and sort of bats her hands at times. I don't remember seeing her kick at all in the first few days. We spend time stretching her every day. I also massage her when we first get there while I change her clothes. I think this is her favorite time. She just smiles and starts talking to us. She spends some time on the floor on her tummy before she gets her bottle. We are hoping this will help her build some strength in her arms and neck. She is still coughing and congested, but seems better than yesterday. Once again, she fell asleep in Daddy's arms, but was awake when it was time for us to go. We kept kissing on her, we did not want to leave.

After the visit, we went to the Green Market. What an interesting place. Inside there all hundreds of booths. There are vegetables, fruit, cheese, milk products , breads and half the booths are meats. All the meets are layed out, many are fresh cuts of meet and others are fresh whole meats. Very interesting! They also sell clothes and other goods there. Maybe we will have a chance to get some pictures at some point. We can't take pictures AND keep a low profile.

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