Friday, September 19, 2008

The Meeting

Our day began after a much needed good night sleep. The temperature here is cold and, since the heat is centrally controlled by the government (more on that later), it was for me at least, good sleeping weather. We spoke to the boys and Karie’s parents this morning via our cell phone since we could not connect with skype. We think we have the issue resolved with skype so we should have the ability to talk and video with the boys Saturday morning. At about 945 we were picked up by our driver, Yuri, who speaks only Russian but some how we still communicate, and interpreter, Inna (pronounced EENnah) a very professional bright young woman who majored in English at Kokshetau University and is wise beyond her years, and headed to the Ministry of Education. There, we spoke with the Deputy Minister, a Russian woman in maybe her late 50’s ish. With a stoic expression but polite tone she asked us, through Inna, to tell her a little about us and what we were looking for in terms of a child to adopt. After that brief discussion she asked us a few questions including “Do your boys treat each other nicely?” Of course, we said yes;-). Interestingly, she mentioned that Kazakhstan law provides for a parent to take off work until the child reaches their 3rd birthday. Regretfully, we told her that there are not the same provisions in the United States but we are taking as much time as allowed by law. She was pleased with our responses and allowed us to visit the baby house, which we did very shortly after our meeting.


debbi said...

Hi Dave and Karie,

Den here. So happy to hear you have had a pleasent trip and arrived safe. All is well back here. Our continued prayers for your and your new daughter! I sure Daddy's little girl will be a miracle in his eye!


Liz Lenza said...

Jennifer, Ellen, Roz and myself are here thinking about you all.
Can't wait to hear about when you first see your daughter..looking forward to the photos also!