Sunday, September 28, 2008

Official Days 6 & 7

Well, we are halfway through our required bonding time, and halfway through our trip as well. One week from tomorrow we will file our petition to the court as a formal request to adopt Kathryn. We will then begin the travel process back home while we await our day in court. Although our visits seem repetitive at times looking at the same plain four walls, Kathryn always rewards us with smiles and an abject joy to see us when she opens those big brown eyes from her nap. Our time with her is never too long. Each day we see improved abilities in arm and leg movement. We continue to work on other exercises to improve her strength to hold her head up and balance in a sitting position, which she currently does only in a semi recumbant position leaning up against one of us.

Kathryn stayed awake most of the visit today until our last 30 minutes together. All the stimulation is exhausting. I think she mostly enjoys the time we spend rubbing her down with lotion and cleaning her up as well as just snuggling in our arms. She lies in our arms and stares herself off to sleep. Just wait till she gets home and has all the excitement of having 3 brothers. She will thrive on all the attention!

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debbi said...

Hi guys!

We have had a GREAT Saturday here! The entire family went to see "Fly me to the Moon!" a 3-D movie about three flys going to the moon on Apollo 11. Really funny and a super time had by all. After the movie, Maddi, Steven and Joey had their 3-D glasses on and entertained the people in the theater hallway with their interpretation of "Erkle." (Joey's was the BEST!!!)

Miss you, and cannot wait to Skype and talk with you!

Love and hugs... Den