Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life here in Kaz

Life is pretty quiet here. We are still not fully adjusted to life 10 hours ahead of FL. We do, however, take a nap in the afternoons when we are tired - not something we are used to. Here is a picture of our cottage. We stay in the one on the right.

In the evenings we have been losing our internet connection. They say it is because everyone gets home from school and work and logs on, so it is flooded with activity, but who really knows??? So, we have watched one Bourne movie each of the past 3 nights - always good entertainment. Our cottage mates are also Bourne fans.

Mona, one of our cottage mates, and I have tried to be creative at night with dinners. Last night we made fajitas by improvising with great Kazakh bread for tortillas. When buying meat, we pray we end up with beef - I think we did. The national dish in Kaz is horse, but I'm not willing to go there.... We have also made chili - or more like a goulasch - which was good. They have the best dumplings here with cabbage and mushrooms which we had the other night. We bought another pack to cook because we liked them so much. So, needless to say, we are not starving here. We have tried the chocolate which is great. The yogurt is delicious! We bought some fruit yesterday and the apples are wonderful. They say "apples are from Kazakhstan".

Tonight we are celebrating with our cottage mates. They had their court date today and officially became parents of a 4 year old boy! We are so excited for them and are looking forward to our day in court!

We are really enjoying our time with Kathryn and passing the time between visits.

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LNJ said...

Wish I could send some lasagna your way!!! Those dumplings sound yummy though. Please give a great big hug to Kathryn from the Newells. Each day the girls and I look forward to hearing all about your day's events and we admire her pictures often.
Love and Miss You!
The Newells